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Wurmbosch Vermigro 10DM

VermiGro ® by Wurmbosch is the preferred choice when it comes to vermicast (earthworm castings) to those in the know in the Boland community. This dark and rich soil solution, iconically known as Stellenbosch’s Black Gold, has undergone a fine sifting process (2mm) that produces a refined premium product. It sells itself as the best natural organic fertilizer there is to offer, and it makes up the base of all our other products in the soil health range.


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Wurmbosch Vermigro 10DM

VermiGro is organic plant food and soil conditioner
VermiGro is the best organic fertilizer around.
Made from earthworm castings only, no chemicals involved.
VermiGro is the only vermicast product in the country certified by the Department of Agriculture.
Reg Num: B3890. Act 36 of 1947


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