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Surf ,n' Turf Pilchards & Caviar Fem (3 seeds)

– Potent Oil Producer –

24K Daughter – Kosher Kush x Tangie Hybrid
Flowering – 63-70 days
Heavy herbal scent with citrus terpenes in the background


Surf ,n' Turf Pilchards & Caviar Fem (3 seeds)

For those who prefer a bit of luxury. Taste lovers for whom the best is just good enough. People who fancy a lobster from time to time, cause life is good. Surf’n’Turf was not developed with a high g/W ratio in the back of the breeder’s mind. So what? Those willing to invest time and love, will be rewarded with a candlelight dinner right by the beach at sunset. Dense buds that don’t spread their scents during flower phase, but once they have been dried and cured properly and one breaks them open with bare hands. The sweet, Fanta like taste will remind you of its Tangie ancestors. However, the heavy finnish reveals the underlying Kush genetics as well. What terpene profile cannasseurs like most, depends on individual preferences. Diverse factors influence the end result, the phenotype is only one of them. Surf ’n’Turf is therefore crying out to be experimented with.


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