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Sour 71 Auto Fem - Christiania Seeds


Sour 71 Auto Fem - Christiania Seeds

Sour71 is our sativa dominant Autoflowering strain.
In genome of this sophisticated polyhybrid we can find mesh of five legendary strains. AK47, Northen Lights, Master Kush, Sour Bubble and also Lowryder.
The result is ultra fast flowering plant showing two phenotypes Lilla and Rocketmand.
Smaller Roketmand with very dense main cola, surrounded by only few side buds tends to more indica dominancy and also morphology.
Phenotype we call Lilla producing dense purple buds covered with bright resin and can complete in height of 120cm.
Sour71 will be ready in about 71 days.
Lilla to Rocketman ratio 1:3


3 Seed Pack, 5 Seed Pack


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