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Mars Hydro SP-3000 LED Grow Light Online only

The Mars Hydro SP-3000 LED Grow Light is the perfect substitute for HPS grow lights. The advantages of the Mars Hydro SP-3000 LED Grow Lights are:


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Mars Hydro SP-3000 LED Grow Light Online only

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Samsung LM301B diodes for unmatched efficiency at 2.7 μmol/j.
50% more effective than HPS for the same PPFD output.
A more natural spectrum that is better suited to plant growth.
Includes infrared and ultraviolet for increased yield and trichome production.
IP65 grade waterproofing, ensuring a longer lifespan with a sustained high output.
The rectangular design allows for easy scaling.
No active cooling, resulting in zero noise.
Easy dimming for reduced electricity consumption in early growth stages.
Recommendations when using the dimming function:
Hanging distance 30 cm – 45 cm
30% for early growth
50% – 75% for veg
75% – 100% for late veg
100% for flowering

Includes set of Rope Ratchets


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