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Grotek Impact Grow A


Grotek Impact Grow A

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Impact is a 2-part base nutrient designed to support luscious vegetative growth. This complete nutrient formulation is ideal for soil/soilless and water culture production systems (hydroponics): rockwool/stonewool, vermiculite, perlite, coconut fiber (coir), peat, expanded clay, etc. Impact Grow A+B from Grotek is a liquid bio-mineral fertilizer that uses the latest innovations and knowledge in the area of plant nutrition to offer a combination of the highest quality minerals, which are presented in a formula that does not create antagonisms or adverse reactions in the form of crystallizations. Its development has been achieved thanks to numerous studies on how cannabis plants assimilate nutrients. The great differential of this product is its availability, each of the components in the formula have been stabilized overcoming the usual problems of mineral fertilizers of antagonisms and crystallizations in the bottles. Impact Grow A+B guarantees that plants will be able to take advantage of all nutrients without any adverse reactions. This product has a lower density and therefore does not produce blockages in drip systems. The formula is more complete with a greater amount of mineral nutrients indispensable for growing plants. By using it on your plants you will get heavier harvests, without sacrificing the final quality of the flowers. You can also use it on other types of vegetation, for example flowers and fruit trees. This fertilizer is composed of different micro and macro nutrients for a complete nutrition of the plants that are in full vegetative growth. One of the most remarkable results is an important development of the lateral branches and the formation of short internodes, also increase of the amount of foliage and a more intense coloration. By applying it to your cannabis seeds, flowering will happen sooner and you will enjoy a shorter and more productive harvest cycle. Please note that the application of this two-part fertiliser follows a specific but simple methodology. The first thing is to mix compound A in the irrigation tank very vigorously until everything is perfectly combined and diluted. Then, it is time to do the same with compound B.


500ml, 1L


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