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Auto Critical Orange Punch Fem Dutch Passion (3 seeds)

Auto Critical Orange Punch is a potent strain built from the foundations of both indica and sativa genetics. The strain was birthed from a breeding project featuring Orange Punch (Grandaddy Purps x Orange Bud) and Kritikal Bilbo Autoflowering.


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Auto Critical Orange Punch Fem Dutch Passion (3 seeds)

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This medley of impressive genetics has resulted in a strain that produces large and heavy yields, yet is also easy to grow and beginner friendly. The flowers of Auto Critical Orange Punch are large, coated in a thick layer of psychoactive resin, and offer a balanced body and mind high. Every joint and blunt loaded with Auto Critical Orange Punch offers delicious flavours of citrus and hash. Auto Critical punch is a fast grow, and erupts from seed to harvest in only 10-11 weeks.


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